Tuesday, 27 March 2012

a last minute easter bonnet ::

well isn't everything just a little bit last minute at the moment!

Easter Bonnet!

Milo had his easter bonnet parade today and at 8 o'clock last night I began to make a variety of items to attach to a pre-bought straw hat.

Easter Bonnet!

I crocheted some flowers tied some ribbons, filled a nest with some left over faux mini eggs and even needle felted a couple of chicks and a rabbit!

Easter Bonnet!

This morning Milo instructed me on where to position the items and we collected a few daffodils from the garden to add the the collection.

All in all not too bad attempt for the first of what will no doubt be many last minute easter bonnets!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Cardi in 4 days? Day 4 :: Complete ::

I did it! With a little last minute crochet on the train and some late night weaving in and button sewing, I finished the cardi, though it's probably more of a shrug. I even made the buttons myself, with a little help from the toddler.

I made it a lot shorter than I intended, not just because of the tight deadline (promise), but also because the dress had such a high waist band, I thought it would look better if it stopped where the skirt began.

cardi in 4 days? Day 4 :: Complete ::

I like it a lot and I think it went really well with the dress (I didn't have time to block it, which looking at the photo it probably would have benefited from) and it did it's job of keeping me warm, though it was hardly required what with it being such a delightfully warm sunny day!

This is the only picture I have, because I tend to take all the photo's and truth be told Johnny really has no idea how to use the camera, but I think you get the idea.

I am a little behind with my pattern writing at the moment, but I will write this one up when I get a chance.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Cardi in 4 days? Day 3 progress ::

Nearly there! And of course if I hadn't frogged the bottom I would have finished, but it really was too flouncy.

Cardi in 4 days? Day 3 progress: sleeves and frogging!

Because of the weight of the yarn it is quite a bulky piece, a bit more of a coat/jacket than a cardigan really, but I like the way it looks and how it goes with the dress, so overall it's going very well.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Cardi in 4 days? Day 2 ::

Almost finished with the bottom now :)

Cardi in 4 days? Day 2 progress :

In fact depending on how I go it may be finished, as on trying it on with the dress it stops perfectly at the waist. Although I am concerened that it flares out a little too much. So I'm going to work on the sleeves today and if I get them done in time I may even frog the bottom and make it a little less flouncy, you know because I haven't given myself a tight enough deadline as it is!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Cardi in 4 days? Day 1 ::

So I am going to a wedding on Saturday, for which I have decided to make myself a cardigan to wear with this gorgeous dress from digforvictory :

Of course I have left it entirely to the last minute and started yesterday! I did purchase myself some Aran weight yarn to try and make the whole process a little quicker and I also intended to crochet it. However after doing a little swatch, crochet on the yoke with the Aran was just much to bulky, so now I am knitting the yoke (I'm working top down) and going to crochet a lace pattern on the bottom and arms.

Cardi in 4 days? Day 1 progress.

I have oh so nearly finished the yoke, but with 3 days left, I must admit I'm not feeling all that hopeful!

Wish me luck!