Thursday, 24 February 2011

mustard hearts for me ::

mustard hearts for me ::


my newest short sleeved sweater is finished!  It still needs blocking (which I'm really hoping will give it a bit more length as it's a teeny bit short) but otherwise it's all finished and I'm quite in love with it.

mustard hearts for me ::

I made a few silly mistakes with the fair isle pattern, but for a first attempt I think I did pretty well.

mustard hearts for me ::

mustard hearts for me ::

I have to be honest I didn't knit it all in continental style as I had intended, in order to get some practice, it was too easy and quicker to slip back in to my old habits, but I did do enough to just about justify knitting myself yet another sweater!

mustard hearts for me ::

  • owls pattern available to download as pdf for £3.50 :: here (although this is fairly modified)

  • my ravelry notes :: here  


Tuesday, 22 February 2011

finding inspiration :: london fashion week ::

there was some lovely knitwear appearing on the catwalks last week, here are some of my favourites.

Super cosy oversized stripey cardigan by Betty Jackson.

Betty Jackson had lots of fabulous knits mostly in gorgeous reds, here's another of my favourites.

Margaret Howell had very chic and simple knitwear.

Though I'm not sure I really like Christopher Kane's pieces all that much, it's nice to see the granny square making an appearance.

But my absolutely favourite items have to be the amazing granny style crochet pieces from House of Holland.

I mean granny square print tights...amazing!

Friday, 18 February 2011

japanese pattern book sew along ::

I received an email from Kate at M is for make this morning, inviting me to take part in this...

As I am a complete novice, I'm thinking this will probably be a fantastic opportunity to get a bit of help from some more experienced sewers along the way!  Plus it may give the boost I need to get that sewing machine off for the service it so desperately needs before any dress sewing takes place!

Now to decide which dress to make and the task I'm most looking forward to, choosing some fabric!

Friday, 11 February 2011

another short sleeved sweater for me ::

so as I said, new knitting skills require practice and well, what perfect excuse to knit myself a new sweater.

another short sleeved sweater for me ::

I saw this beautiful Katia Peru yarn in my local yarn store a few weeks ago and fell in love with it.  It's super chunky and soft and I imagine it will be oh so warm too.

another short sleeved sweater for me ::

I found a fabulous book of fair isle in the charity shop this week, it has some really interesting history of the technique along with some patterns.  I'm using Kate Davis' Owls pattern for the main body of the sweater, though I'm going to try and amend the bulge that appeared on the back of the last one I made.  I am going to be omitting the owls this time and instead working in some fair isle hearts (I think anyway), where the owls would be.

another short sleeved sweater for me ::

I'm really pleased with my colour choices and it just so happens they match the crocus's, that appeared on my window ledge this morning perfectly!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

continental style ::

last week I attended my first neighbourhood 'knit and natter' gathering, it was lovely and there were fabulous cakes!

"'A souvenir of today at Cudgewa 25.10.16.' It looks something like a Red Cross meeting, but it's just the normal state of patriotic girls during the Great War." - Cudgewa, Victoria, 25 October 1916 / photographer unknown

Whilst I was there I was taught to knit continental style (essentially holding the yarn in your left hand rather the right).  So far, so good, I'm not quite as fast as I am english style yet, but getting close.  I'd love to be one of those super speedy knitters, you know where the needles are a blur of motion.  I guess it just takes a whole lot of practice.  But I'm fairly convinced that I can be a lot quicker with the continental knitting than I am currently.  I just need a bit of practice, which is the perfect excuse to knit myself another sweater I feel!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

stylish dress book ::

this arrived in the post for me yesterday.  I'm hoping to make myself a dress to wear to my cousins wedding in April.  Inspired by this lady's beautiful creations, I feel in love with this book.

stylish dress book

It's truly beautiful and I can't wait to get started, however I can't help but feel I was perhaps a little too ambitious, seeing as I have never made a dress before and can't read japanese!

Before I even start to think about fabrics I really really must get my sewing machine serviced, but I have been adding some inspiration for the dress to a pinterest board here.