Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Yarn Storage ::

Yesterday I posted about the furniture Argos gave me in order to spruce up my basement/work space.  By far the best piece I received was the Maine Extra Deep Bookcase with Drawers which has become my yarn storage.

Prior to this my yarn was stashed away in chests (yes plural!) which meant every time inspiration struck I would have to rummage around in said chests trying to find something right for the project.  Now however I have all my yarn out on full view right next to my desk, which means I can simply reach over and grab a ball whenever I need it.

The drawers underneath work great for storing swatches in too.  I changed the handles to spruce them a bit, using some insect handles I've had stashed away for ages without a purpose and I made a couple of others using polymer clay.

I really am so pleased with this, having all my yarn on show makes me very happy indeed!

Here is the link for the item I received from Argos ::

An Office for Milo ::

Recently Argos got in touch to offer me some furniture to add to my home, as my basement/office was in need of an overhaul I jumped at the opportunity.  I'll be doing a series of blogposts this week showing you what I did with my wonderful furniture.
First up is a little space I have created for the toddler.

One of the great things about having an office so apart from the rest of the house is that I can be away from everyone else and get on with what I need to do without being disturbed, however if just Milo and I home alone, this doesn't work out quite so well.  So I really needed a little spot in the basement just for him, where he can 'work' and I can get on with what I need to do whilst he is occupied close by.

I've also struggled recently to get him doing any kind of crafty activity (well any activity that doesn't involve lego to be honest) so this space away from all his usual toys is brilliant at encouraging, quiet drawing or making.

He has a large wall space to display all his artworks, chalkboard for extra drawing, a desk, the perfect height for him and a desk lamp (this is part of the Habitat range sold at Argos).  The desk opens up and I added a few pieces of scrap wood I had to create sections within it, so he can keep everything neat and tidy and next to that he has a couple of stackable crates, one with play dough and accessories and one full of scraps of paper, glue and other collage bits and pieces.

So far this little corner is working out perfectly for both of us.

Here are the links for the items I received from Argos (unfortunately they seem to have stopped selling the turquoise Habitat desk lamp sold at Argos, but they do now have this gorgeous yellow version) ::


Thursday, 17 January 2013

Let's Knit Issue 63 ::

Last week, issue 63 of Let's Knit magazine hit the shelves, displaying my Jessica Sweater on the cover!

I'm crazy proud of this.  I do love this sweater and really enjoyed knitting it (I do love a bit of colourwork), but I never ever expected it to make the cover.  This is only my second ever knitting pattern and my first pattern published in Let's Knit.
This is now my third cover in my short designer life time, I cannot believe how far I've come in such a short space of time, it just goes to show that if you are really passionate about something and put you all in to it you can do anything you want!

Anyway enough beaming.

Today I shall be knitting colourwork...lots and lots and lots :) 

I love this issue, I realise I say that a lot about magazines, but I really really do.  The theme is vintage, and there are some really cute 50's inspired sweaters and a great piece on stranded colourwork, if you've never attempted it before.

Photo A Day :: Jan Day 15 :: An Ordinary Moment ::

#fmsphotoaday  Day 15 :: An Ordinary Moment :: Making tortillas for supper.

Photo A Day :: Jan Day 14 :: Yellow ::

#fmsphotoaday  Day 14 :: Yellow

Monday, 14 January 2013

Craft Night in at Cafe Moochoo ::

Happy Monday!

I've just delivered an unbelievably excited toddler to nursery, I was worried he'd be utterly disappointed with the tiny dusting of snow, mostly washed away by the rain that followed, but no quite the opposite!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with the lovely Bex of Stuffed Nonsense, making up a little crafty inspired display in the window of Cafe Moochoo, to advertise the upcoming Craft Night In taking place there.

I cannot wait!  Bex used to organise a craft night a year (or possibly more) ago, but work commitments etc... gave it a little pause, but now it's back again!

Here's the info ::
Calling all stitchers, knitters, doodlers, drawers, writers, painters and anything else in between. 
On the second and last Wednesday of every month, starting from the 30th of January, Stuffednonsense in association with Cafe Moochoo will open in the evening 6-9pm for you to bring along whatever project you're working on, drink coffee, eat cake  and talk crafty arty things. 
For more info email

There's a facebook page here ::

and an event page for the first night here ::

If you're a Cheltonian you should definitely come along!  I can't wait!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Photo A Day :: Jan Day 13 :: Circle ::

Today we set up a window display for a new craft night, coming soon, super excited about this. More details next week.

Photo A Day :: Jan Day 12 :: Surprise ::

Lovely post, in the form of yarn support and lots of lovely extras to inspire me.

Photo A Day :: Jan Day 11 :: Water ::

It is one of my New Years resolutions to take better care of my body, drinking 8 glasses of water a day is one small step in the right direction.

Photo A Day :: Jan Day 10 :: 1 o'clock ::

Packing parcels.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Photo A Day :: Jan Day 4 :: The View From Here ::

Enjoying the view of the tree for one last night.

Inside Crochet 37 ::

The day we set off on our Christmas adventures (we managed a total of four christmas's all in!) this lovely arrived on my doormat to accompany on the many train journey's that lay ahead.

Issue 37 of Inside Crochet.  I love this issue, with so many great patterns within and as always fabulous photography, styling and a most beautiful model indeed.

I have two patterns in this issue, both men's, both chunky.

This cable centred raglan sweater, worked in one piece bottom up.  This is a great project, because it's simple enough to be quick, chunky enough to be super quick, but with just enough detail to not be too boring.

And this scarf, again the chunky yarn makes this a super quick project.

Unfortunately I left my copy somewhere during the christmas rush around (we returned from our adventures with 9 bags of gifts, there are few occasions where I'd admit that not being able to drive is an inconvenience but carrying those bags on over crowded post christmas trains was certainly one of the few!).  But I'm hoping to be reunited with it soon, when I have no doubt there'll be a few projects jumping on my hooks.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Photo A Day :: Jan Day 3 :: Heart

Jesamine Necklaces ::

My Jesamine Necklaces, originally published in Inside Crochet Issue 33 and more recently seen on the cover of the Complete Guide to Crochet, are now available to download in my ravelry store for FREE!

Click on over to get the pattern written in both US and UK crochet terms and whip up some lovely statement pieces for you or a friend.

Notes from the pattern ::

A simple chain necklace can become a great statement piece when worked in a fun, chunky yarn on a big scale. A quick project, perfect for beginners.
One 100g ball is enough for one necklace, though you could use more for a longer necklace if you wanted to.
Any similar super chunky yarn would also work, or any yarn of any size could be used in this project, though the resulting size would obviously vary accordingly.
This pattern was originally published in Inside Crochet Magazine Issue 33
Photography by Britt Spring

Photo A Day :: Jan Day 2 :: Something New

New sketchbook all ready to be filled with new designs.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Photo A Day :: Jan Day 1 :: Today

I've often considered joining along with FatMumSlim's photo a day prompts over on Instagram, so as the new year begins it seems the perfect opportunity to jump on board and join in.

Today :: it's a cliche I know but today is full of making plans and writing dreams (oh and a tiny bit more celebrating).