Wednesday 3 July 2013

By The Yard ::

By the Yard ::

So, I mentioned yesterday that last month my fabulous friend of Stuffed Nonsense, opened up a shop.  It's not any old shop mind, but I wonderful collection of handmade gifts and art, plus a venue for holding crafty workshops.

Oooh exciting #cheltenham

Unfortunately I was too busy to help out much in the lead up to the grand opening, but we did offer a little assistance, which if you were ever to happen upon Milo there he would point out to you.  His paint job, in his mind at least, is the most superior door painting work that there ever was!

Painting for @stuffednonsense


Bex and El did such a good job of transforming what was a very basic workshop/storage space in to a really wonderful retail unit.

By the Yard ::

By the Yard ::

 If you are a Cheltenham local or ever find yourself in the area you must go check it out not least because, if you take a stroll through the back door you will find yourself in Cafe Moochoo, where you will discover the best cake in Cheltenham.


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