Wednesday 22 February 2012

Inside crochet 27 ::

My third pattern to be published by inside crochet is in this months issue and is this super quick and easy child's raglan sweater.

inside crochet 27 ::

I made a version up for Milo in the summer time as a sample, I used paton's shetland beehive, that I found in a charity shop, unfortunately this yarn is now discontinued, so for the inside crochet sample I used Wendy mode, which was lovely, so soft and snugly.

childs raglan sweater ::

It's a great project for a beginner or an expert looking for a quick make.

inside crochet 27 ::


  1. I love this jumper! I want to make one for my other half, though he's rather bigger than the the size states - do you know a way it'd be easy to make this pattern into man size? or anywhere I could find such a pattern? Its really lovely and great colour choice too!

  2. Hi I found this pattern in the winter issue of Love of Crochet. I am making it for my son as a Christmas present and it is working up beautifully, but I am having a such a tough time understanding how to make the marks and do the joining part. I have never made a sweater and so I'm confused about perspective when it says left, right, counter-clockwise. And when I'm joining the sleeve and body - do I do it with right sides together or wrong sides together. Either way it seems to leave a big ridge either on the inside where it would be uncomfortable or on the outside where it looks funny - are the joining stitches really meant to be double crochet? When I start with the joining the right side, it says to crochet along the back of the body, but that would be crocheting backwards - is that right because in the picture it doesn't look like any of the rows are turned. I have made lots of scarves, hats, blankets and animals, so I thought starting with this simple sweater would be easy. Please help!

    1. Hello, I'm so sorry I've only just seen your comment.
      When joining the sleeve to the body, match up the marked stitches, so that the group of 5 stitches between the markers is on the underarm, you then work all the way around the rest of the piece, in the round, you're right there is no turning, it is all worked in the round with the right side facing you.
      I'm not sure what you mean about a ridge, but the sleeve will look as though it's much too big to begin with but as you work the decreases on the raglan, it will all come together.

      I hope this helps, but if it doesn't please feel free to email me at where you'll get a much quicker response.

      Thank you Vicki x