Monday, 8 December 2014

Box Pencil Case :: A Crochet Pattern ::

Make a quick and easy crochet box pencil case with this free pattern.

I have a love affair with washi tape and pencils with rubbers on the end. They are very much two of my favourite things. Unfortunately they are also two of my cat's favourite things. He loves nothing more than to bat these treasures of mine around the room, until they get trapped under the abyss of the sofas. Therefore I am forever battling the dust bunnies that reside under said sofas to retrieve them and I'll tell you something else, cat chewed washi tape loses some of it's original beauty.
So I decided what I really needed was a new pencil case, especially for these particular treasures.
Getting the sewing machine out seemed like a bit of a daunting challenge, but I have learnt how to hold a baby and crochet, so a crochet pencil case it was to be.

If you fancy making your own pencil case to prevent cat stationary attacks or maybe as a quick Christmas gift, I've shared my pattern with you below.

Enjoy x

Ingredients ::
  • 7" zip
  • 100g aran weight yarn (I used Red Heart Soft for the navy case and Libby Summers Aran for the stripy version)
  • 3.5mm crochet hook - or size needed to obtain gauge
  • Sewing cotton
  • Sewing needle
Tension ::
23sts and 23 rows per 10cm/4in square using size 3.5mm hook or size needed to obtain gauge. Gauge DOES matter for this project as you'll need your stitches to fit on to your zip.

Abbreviations ::
Ch - chain
Dc - double crochet
Fdc - foundation double crochet
Rep - repeat
Sl st - slip stitch
St - stitch

Method ::
Row 1 : Ch41, 1dc in 2nd ch from hook 1dc in each ch to end, turn - 40 sts
Row 2 : Ch1, 1dc in each st to end, turn
Rep Row 2 a further 4 times
Row 7 : Sl st into first 6 sts, ch1, 1dc in same st as last sl st, 1dc in each of next 29 sts, turn, leaving last 5 sts unworked - 30 sts
Row 8 : Ch1, 1 dc in each st to end of row, turn
Rep Row 7 a further 8 times
Row 17 : Ch6, 1 dc in 2nd ch from hook, 1dc in next 4 chs, 1dc in each st to end of row, 5fdc, turn - 40 sts
Row 18 : Ch1, 1 dc in each st to end of row, turn
Rep Row 18 a further 10 times
Row 29 : Rep Row 7 - 30 sts
Row 30 : Ch1, 1dc in each st to end of row, turn
Rep Row 30 a further 8 times
Row 39 : Rep Row 17 - 40 sts
Row 40 : Ch1, 1dc in each st to end of row 
Rep Row 40 a further 4 times
Fasten off

Finishing ::
Gently block the piece to get it lie flat, I used a steam iron on mine to achieve this.
Weave in ends.

Pin zip into place along the long straight edges and using the sewing thread sew into place.

Turn pencil case inside out (leaving the zip slightly open so that you can turn back the right way when you've finished) and using sl st and the yarn you were using for the main piece, seam together the ends of the pencil case as follows; sew sides A and B on to side C on each end, then line the seam up with the centre point of side E and seam these together. I hope the diagram below gives you some idea of how these should join up.

Turn back the right way and you're done! Let me know if you make a pencil case for yourself I'd love to see how you get on.


  1. I started doin this pattern...tilk i reached row 17.... i used your pictures for reference and i dont see 40 rows in your finished image...looks like onky 24... i don know if im understanding this wrong!was reallly hoping to get it right...your finished image is great!

    1. Hello...there are actually 44 rows in total, as there are 4 after the last row written out. I think that it probably looks like less rows in the piece, because of the way the double crochet works up, so what looks like one stitch is actually 2, if that makes sense? I guess this is the way I work my stitches through both loops, if you were to only work through the back/front loop it would probably look different. I hope that helps.
      Have fun making your pencil case x

  2. Really pleased with my progress this afternoon and the texture of the design.
    Will have to start again though as have realised this 'pencil case' design isn't long enough to fit a pencil in so will be using a chain of 50 (40 stitches on short rows).